Angela Rye rips Kayleigh McEnany for saying there are '30,000 immigrants here' who murder people
Angela Rye (left) debates with Kayleigh McEnany during a CNN discussion on Aug. 30, 2016. (YouTube)

CNN political commentator Angela Rye pushed back when conservative counterpart Kayleigh McEnany tried to argue that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were prioritizing "criminal immigrants."

"First and foremost, immigration is a civil matter. In and of itself it's not criminal," Rye said. "When we talk about the criminals being let out on the streets it's important to know that these are people who had criminal convictions who served their time and now in one way or another either they're out on bail or they're out on parole. They served their time criminally and again, immigration is a civil matter."

McEnany parroted a popular argument among conservative outlets, arguing that Obama let 20,000 "criminal immigrants. She also quoted a New York Times editorial from this past February accusing Clinton of "an unfortunate tendency to oscillate between harshness and compassion on immigration questions."

"The real questions on the realm of immigration are with Hillary Clinton," she said.

Later in the segment, McEnany tried another popular conservative tactic in linking the immigration issue to the fatal shooting of Kate Steinle, whose death was shown to be the result of an accidental ricochet.

"The point that I'm raising is -- and I, again, like so many others of us that have said this," Rye said. "I feel horribly for what happened to her family. That is a terrible situation. But for us to make it seem like there are 30,000 plus immigrants here, undocumented people here who murdered people is a gross misrepresentation of the truth."

"One is too many," McEnany said.

"I agree with you, Kayleigh, but we can't misrepresent the number," Rye responded.

"Ask Kate Steinle's parents," McEnany insisted.

Watch the discussion, as posted online, below.