Anime, porn and JFK conspiracies: Reddit users confess the bizarre reasons they're voting Trump
Supporters of Donald Trump at rally (Photo: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock)

In a fascinating social experiment, Reddit asked its users who are supporting Donald Trump for president, what it would take for them to switch to another candidate. Then, as only Reddit can, it proceeded to mock Trump as well as some of the answers.

User ThreeStarUniform said that if Trump admitted "I was only running to clinch it for Hillary," would lose his support. Threatening a draft or saying anime isn't real would also be an end game.

The Reddit community agreed that anime was a critical issue for them this election. "I didn't even know I could be this triggered," ihatethesidebar admitted. Simply suggesting anime caused ConfusingDalek's "Spear of Justice" to intensify.

"You don't f*ck with weaboos unless you want a yandere b*tch to mutilate you," FightingFairy agreed.

Pornography is also an important issue for Reddit users. "Coming after internet porn is getting pretty f*cking close to finishing him off in my book," one person wrote, as snickers followed.

Jrf_1973 is concerned about the TPP. They would be done if Trump were to say, "I've spoken to Hillary, and she is definitely definitely going to stop TPP. And I know I said I was going to do that, because it's such a terrible treaty.. but if Hillary is truly against it, and I believe she is, then I must be for it. So if elected, I will absolutely pass TPP."

Users agreed that they understood all of the words in that statement and that Trump has "the best words."

Redditer thisishowiwrite said that when they saw the list of tweets of Trump denying climate change is real, that was the end for them. Another user corrected them saying that Trump only denies climate change, unless it impacts him.

Falloutandzombies111 was also a previous Trump supporter that decided to search for another candidate. "He has had me because I have the thought of 'Anyone but Hillary, and Johnson just can't win,'" they wrote. "After Trump's remarks on how wind energy sucks and Pence's thoughts on gay marriage, I've pretty much just said 'f*ck it, I can't do this.' As long as I vote for Johnson I can't blame myself for when the country is driven down the shi*hole."

Another Reddit user described a creative event in detail that it would take to pull support from Trump this way: "Says he loves ISIS and takes a big sh*t on the American flag that's covering the casket of a dead soldier while Westboro Baptist Church throws confetti on him."

ScipioAfricanvs remarked that Mr. Trump has already taken "a big sh*t in the casket of a dead soldier," referring to Cpt. Khan.

A user who admitted his father is a die-hard Trump supporter who would never leave the candidate, summed it. "He could murder his wife, I wouldn't care." "We arent voting for trump, we are voting to find out the truth about Obama and where he came from, and what grades he got, and who his real father is," his father told him.

"My dad then started talking about how he will never find out what happened to JFK, maybe his grandson (age 9) will find out, but in my dad's lifetime he won't get to know," the user continues. "And it is 'obvious the JFK assassination was set up by someone in the government.' But we won't ever know what really happened with JFK, or all the secrets Obama has. A vote for Trump would 'reveal all of Obama's secrets' and 'get Obama and Hillary locked up.'"

The user clarified, "My dad also believes that trump can't actually harm America because 'Congress won't let him.' But Hillary and Obama will make America a third world country that we won't be able to recover from in my (me, age 31) lifetime."