Colbert hysterically ridicules Trump's doctor: His letter was ‘yanked from where the sun don’t shine’
Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Donald Trump's doctor, Harold Bornstein, on Aug. 29, 2016.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert gave his own diagnosis on Monday of Harold Bornstein's assessment of Donald Trump.

"Bornstein proved he's a true gastroenterologist because the letter seems like he yanked it from where the sun don't shine," Colbert said of Bornstein's heavily-criticized letter describing the GOP presidential nominee's health last December.

Colbert pointed out that critics have wondered whether Trump himself wrote the letter, given the use of terms like "astonishingly excellent" and Bornstein gloating that the real estate magnate's exams had yielded only "positive" results.

"Positive results are always good," Colbert cracked. "Blood pressure? Positive! Cholesterol? Positive! Chlamydia? Positive!"

Besides the fact that he looked like a "very questionable Gandalf," Colbert was concerned over Bornstein's admission that he was "rushed" and "anxious" when he wrote the letter, given that Trump had a driver waiting for him outside of his office.

"Rushed, anxious, five minutes, driver waiting," said Colbert. "You definitely want the candidate's physical to sound like losing your virginity on prom night."

Watch Colbert's commentary, as aired on Monday, below.