Ex-GOP official goes bonkers after court cites his ‘Daily Show’ remarks to kill NC voter ID law
North Carolina GOP official Don Yelton [Comedy Central]

Former North Carolina Republican official Don Yelton is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

Yelton was fired from his job way back in 2013 after he told The Daily Show that his state's new voter ID law would hurt Democratic voters. Specifically, he said that if the law "hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it."

An appeals court last week found that the voter ID law was indeed designed to be discriminatory and it even cited Yelton's remarks to The Daily Show as part of its case for striking down the law.

Yelton was furious about this, and over the weekend he went on an unhinged rant against the ruling on his Facebook page. In particular, Yelton was angry that Buncombe County GOP Chairman Nathan West once again trashed him for being a racist.

"Well the Republicans again show their stupidity," Yelton fumed. "Frankly Nathan I would keep my mouth shut unless you DON NOT BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF SPEACH (SIC) which it seems that you don't. Not only that how is you money spending going? Now the real proof is that the Court uses a comedy show and a cut and pasted clip to prove a case. Think that if the party gives a shit they would ask me what I said in its complete sentence. It would show exactly what I said. NATHAN YOU BETTER be more concerned about the total take over of this county by the progressives. This also shows the justice system totally corrupt where are your comments on that."

West had said Yelton was "like a chronic case of hemorrhoids: a real pain in the ass that you can never seem to get rid of."

In another Facebook post, Yelton attacked local North Carolina media outlets:

"No need to add to or take away. When our courts use the Daily comedy show fir a ruling and the Buncombe County Republican Chair doesn't see the danger there and the media both WLOS and WWNC dont address that fact first we are naked for media here in Buncombe County. They don't care either. If Hillary gets elected THEY WILL BE CONTROLLED. (SIC)"