GOP insiders seethe over their own nominee: 'I want Trump to feel the blame for this loss'
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

While Republican politicians are still standing by Trump as their nominee, party insiders who operate behind the scenes are seething with rage about him.

Politico talked with its regular crew of anonymous GOP activists, strategists and operatives, and it seems that 70% of them want Trump to drop out of the race so that someone -- anyone -- can take his place.

"I'd rather take our chances with nearly anyone else than continue with this certain loser who will likely cost the Senate and much more," said one Republican.

"His negative image among Hispanics, women and independents is something that could be devastating to Republicans," said another. "Trump’s divisive rhetoric to the Hispanic community at large has the potential to be devastating for years to come."

That said, none of them expect Trump will ever drop out thanks to his gigantic ego. In fact, some of the GOP insiders surveyed by Politico seemed to relish the thought of a humiliating Trump loss.

"He should lose fair and square," said a Michigan Republican. "Only then will the party base have to reckon with what they've done."

"I want Trump to feel the blame for this loss," said an Iowa Republican. "Not put it on the doorstep of ‘the Establishment.'"

Check out the whole piece, which is chock-full of seething GOP anger, at this link.