Here's how the GOP is already planning to make Hillary Clinton's life miserable for the next 4 years
Hillary Clinton putting up with crap from the House Benghazi committee - (MSNBC screen grab)

The 2016 presidential election is still more than two months away, but that hasn't stopped Republican officials from planning to do what they do best: Making life miserable for a Democratic president.

Politico reports that Republicans who feel that Donald Trump is a doomed nominee are already looking past the election in November in order to make plans to block Hillary Clinton from doing anything that might remotely resemble a progressive agenda.

One GOP operative tells Politico that it will work to block her Supreme Court nominees by targeting vulnerable Democrats who live in states where her agenda is unpopular.

"Take Joe Manchin in West Virginia," the operative said. "If Hillary puts up an anti-coal pro-EPA judge for the Supreme Court, the smart play is to start pressuring him with an advocacy campaign to vote no."

Another anonymous GOP staffer, meanwhile, pledged to use the same obstructionist tactics against Clinton that the party has used with such success against President Obama.

"If she wins, her four years will look a lot like the last six years of Obama," the staffer said. "She’s talking about things the president couldn’t get done, why does she think she will have more luck?"

And Dan Holler, communications director at the conservative Heritage Action for America, says that he sees no reason for Republicans to do anything she wants.

"There is a long history of Republicans opposing pretty much everything Hillary Clinton has done, from trying to reform healthcare in the 1990s to what she was doing as secretary of state," he said. "There’s a long memory there."

Maybe Clinton would like to rethink he tactic of insisting that Donald Trump is an aberration, and not the true face of the Republican Party?