Huckabee scrambles after Trump's insane 24 hours: 'He probably won't have Twitter' as president
CNN's Bill Hemmer speaks to Mike Huckabee (screen grab)

Donald Trump surrogate Mike Huckabee on Wednesday scrambled after a rough week for the campaign and promised voters that they could ignore the reality star's words as a candidate because giving up Twitter as president would make him a safe leader.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama reacted to Trump's attack on a Muslim family whose son died fighting in Iraq by encouraging Republican leaders to withdraw support for the "woefully unprepared" GOP nominee.

"I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve is president," Obama said soberly. "He keeps on proving it."

Huckabee did damage control during an appearance on Fox News on Wednesday and said that President Obama "has politicized everything."

"If [Trump is] all about winning, how do you explain the sort of whac-a-mole policy he has exercised on an hourly basis?" Fox News host Bill Hemmer wondered.

"One of the things we have to keep in mind, it's not so much what Donald Trump says when he's a candidate, it's what he's going to do if he's president," Huckabee opined. "One thing that's going to happen, he's going to be surrounded by a whole lot more people than he is as a candidate."

"I think he probably won't have his own Twitter account when he's president," the Trump surrogate speculated. "There's going to be a lot of things different."

Huckabee said that conservatives should find it "comforting" that Trump would get to appoint Supreme Court justices and heads of "agencies like the EPA and the FCC and the FEC and the SEC."

"He will lead in terms of our overall directions with foreign governments in a very different way," he continued. "He's not going to push phony reset buttons with Russia, go bowing to foreign kings and apologizing for America."

"Yes, there are things Donald Trump says I wouldn't say and I wouldn't advise him to say," Huckabee concluded. "But I'm less worried about something he says now than I am with what Hillary would in fact do he she were president."

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast Aug. 3, 2016.