Deputies in Grayson County, Kentucky found more than $600,000 worth of marijuana hidden in a corn field, confiscated it and then left a note stuck in the corn leaves letting the growers know about it. Deputies then started the hashtag #WeGotYoWeed in a Facebook post to taunt the growers.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office told KSWO that the deputies found approximately 254 marijuana plants in between the corn plants just off Highway 54. No arrests have been made in the case yet, however, as no one has come forward to claim the plants. Though, in a Facebook post, they encourage the owners to give the sheriff's office a call at (270) 259-3024.

“You know this is just a drop in the bucket. We know there's a lot more plants out there, and people have mixed feelings about marijuana grows and whether marijuana should be legal or not. But it's currently illegal in the state of Kentucky and we'll continue to enforce those drug laws,” County Sheriff Norman Chaffins said.

The deputies were able to find the marijuana plants after an anonymous narc called in the tip. The investigation is ongoing.

See the full Facebook post from the Grayson County Sheriff's Office below:

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