Larry Wilmore slams ‘handsy sex ogre’ Roger Ailes for being just as sleazy as Bill Cosby
Wilmore slams Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby (Photo: Screen capture)

Wednesday night was the next to last episode of Larry Wilmore's "The Nightly Show," so he is trying to cover his favorite topics and calling out "mother f*ckers" is one of them.

Wilmore has had an ongoing war against Bill Cosby, who allegedly drugged women so he could rape them. Cosby is finally being tried for his alleged crimes and the judge in the case has allowed previous statements to be entered in as evidence where Cosby admitted in the past his "dating" process. Cosby's legal team had attempted to reseal the testimony but lost on appeal.

"You can't just take stuff back once it's out there," Wilmore said, shaking his head. He jokingly said he knows first hand because he told Comedy Central, "Fine, just cancel me then!"

Other than Cosby, there's "mother f*cker" and "handsy sex ogre" Roger Ailes, who has agreed to take on the task of helping Donald Trump do debate prep.

"That's right, the dude just doubled down on creepiness and mother f*ckeriness," Wilmore said. "I mean, why would Donald Trump hire Roger Ailes? A bloated egomaniacal, rich, hates humans, blond stalking, misogynistic, husk of a human — wait who was I talking about again? Trump?"

Wilmore remarked that Trump's polling numbers with women have already been embarrassingly low and that bringing on a "gropey haras*hole" accused of sexual harassment by multiple former employees isn't likely to win any points for Trump with a crucial demographic.

One would assume the Trump campaign would understand how bad this could look and would deny the association, but no. Campaign groupie and former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) said that the campaign is under no obligation to tell the public who they're hiring and who will be in those "back rooms" for Trump.

"All you needed to say was, 'Roger Ailes isn't advising us.' It's an easy answer and you blew it. It would be like someone asking, 'Why is the sky blue?' And you answering, 'Well, you know, Hitler had some good ideas.' That's not a good answer!" Wilmore said, shrugging.

He went on to explain that sexual assault isn't a problem that exists only in Hollywood or cable news. "It happens on college campuses, on dates at the office, everywhere," Wimore began. "Look, there's a reason Cosby, Ailes and other serial harassers have so many victims. Because for years, we let them get away with it. Because when we tell victims that their assaults didn't happen, we also tell assailants that they don't need permission. And when we protect powerful men, we make women invisible."

"Look," Wilmore continued. "I know I'm a man saying this, but men, we need to do the work too. Because I already have way too many mother f*ckers to remember. I don't need anymore."

Check out the video below: