Log Cabin Republicans: We can't decide on endorsing Trump -- he keeps blowing us off
Donald Trump speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

LGBT conservative group the Log Cabin Republicans said on this week that they are waiting to make a decision about whether to endorse Donald Trump for president until the nominee agrees to meet with them.

The Washington Blade reported that this is apparently more easily said than done. LCR president Gregory Angelo told the Blade that he has no idea at this point whether his group will endorse the former reality TV star and real estate mogul.

“Any inclinations I have right now would be pure conjecture at this point,” he said. “I clearly have members around the country sharing their thoughts and opinions with me as I’ve traveled around on behalf of Log Cabin Republicans, especially over the course of the last three months, but that’s all just anecdotal at this point.”

The group's board plans to decide on whether to endorse Trump at a committee meeting in September, which -- like all Log Cabin meetings -- will be closed to the public.

The board will survey all 48 chapters of LCRs secondly, "the organization plans to seek comment from dues-paying members on Trump as part of a quadrennial survey set for distribution after Labor Day," wrote the Blade's Chris Johnson.

The group has been trying to get a meeting with Trump since last November. Angelo said that he nor anyone from his organization has "had a meeting with the candidate as of yet," which will be a precondition of their endorsement.

“The precedent in the past has always been Log Cabin Republicans gets an audience with our nominee,” Angelo said. “That has been the case, I believe, every presidential election cycle since Log Cabin national headquarters was founded in 1992.”

Even Mitt Romney was kind enough to grant then-Log Cabin president R. Clarke Cooper and gay former Rep. Jim Kolbe a 15-second audience in 2012. The trouble is, Trump keeps putting the group off.

Given Trump's cavalier attitude toward his party's medieval convention platform, it seems likely that that the nominee doesn't care one way or the other about LGBT rights because it doesn't have anything to do with Trump, so why should he bother?

Log Cabin Republicans, take a hint. He's just not that into you.