'Make sure America stays America': Trump adviser explains immigration 'plan' to dubious CNN host
Boris Epshteyn speaks to CNN's Fredricka Whitfield (screen grab)

Trump campaign senior adviser Boris Epshteyn on Sunday dismissed concerns that Donald Trump had softened his immigration stance and insisted that the candidate would "make sure America stays America."

"The key is to contrast what Donald Trump is saying to what Hillary Clinton is saying," Epshteyn told CNN's Fredricka Whitfield. "[Clinton] wants to have amnesty, [she] wants to swing the borders wide open, have a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees into this country, and get rid of America as we know it."

Democratic strategist Taryn Rosenkranz countered that Trump had no consistent ideas about immigration "except for hate and divisiveness."

After Epshteyn complained that the media was not scrutinizing Clinton's immigration plan, Whitfield pointed out that the pressure was on Trump because he had based his campaign on fighting illegal immigration.

"The pressure should be on both sides!" Epshteyn interrupted. "So we've been talking about what our policy is now. What is Hillary Clinton's policy? It's a 100-day amnesty plan. It's a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees. It's making sure America is less safe now than it was when she became secretary of state. And going forward, it's making sure we don't have a country anymore."

"Donald Trump will make sure America stays America," he promised. "And Hillary Clinton's plans will make sure we have illegal immigrants coming to this country at will."

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Aug. 28, 2016.