Michael Moore recalls how Donald Trump ‘played’ him: ’It’s just a con — the whole f*cking thing'
Michael Moore appears on Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

In a Monday night appearance on Seth Meyers' "Late Night," documentarian and liberal activist Michael Moore admitted that Donald Trump "played" him during filming for Roseanne Barr's old television talk show in 1998.

Trump told producers he was nervous to appear with Moore and threatened to walk out on the show. Moore, understandably, felt guilty and went over to try and reason with Trump and put him at ease.

“So I walk over to him, and I said, ‘Mr. Trump, it’s Michael Moore.’ And I shook his hand, and it’s all clammy.” Moore said, before adding “I don’t remember the size of the hand.”

Moore had just filmed the documentary Roger and Me about General Motors CEO Roger Smith and the plants he closed down in Flint, Michigan, during the mid-1980s.

“I’m having to talk him off the ledge from this,” Moore continued. “You know, grow some gonads here.” As a result of Trump's "fears" Moore was much nicer to Trump on the show, instead of hitting him hard about corporate practices. He admitted that it was years later he realized Trump "played" him. “I felt sorry for him, and the hands were so wet!” Moore explained.

Trump was a different person in the late 1990s, however. Moore recalls that the New York businessman “was extremely progressive," he described. "He was saying we should invest more in education, and we need health care. He said all the things that Hillary’s saying. That’s why I know that it’s just a con. The whole f*cking thing. It’s a scam, a con, and it’s rigged.”

Moore wrote an op-ed earlier this month in which he alleged an unnamed source informed him that Trump was only running for president as a publicity stunt. Over the weekend, Moore and comedian pal Bill Maher somehow managed to get onto the runway at LaGuardia Airport, where Trump parks his private plane. The two shot photos pretending to capture Trump's tax returns.

Check out the interview courtesy of the DailyBeast: