The Minnesota Republican Party scrambled to have Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump included on the state's ballot Thursday morning, after learning he was absent.

Trump’s name was added to the Secretary of State’s list of presidential candidates in a last-second move, according to Twin

Keith Downey, chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, described Trump's absence on the ballot as a paperwork problem.

Minnesota PR and communications guru Michael Brodkorb, a former Republican operative, sounded the alarm Wednesday night on Twitter.

Brodkorb reported l that a delay on the part of the Minnesota GOP came from the party not electing alternate electors. The party didn't elect them until Wednesday night in efforts to fix the problem. However, that isn't allowed in the Minnesota GOP's Constitution. The filing deadline to appear on the ballot was Aug. 29.

The Independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who is opposing Trump, did make it onto the state ballot. Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and a number of other third party candidates also successfully filed.

Brodkorb said the Minnesota GOP violated its own rules to have Trump added to the ballot.

(Note: This story has been updated.)