NPR reporter forces Trump-loving general to admit Trump’s Muslim ban is nonsense
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn addresses the Republican National Convention (Screen cap).

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has been one of Donald Trump's strongest advocates -- but even he can't defend his proposal to enact a temporary ban on all Muslims entering the United States.

In an interview with NPR on Tuesday, Flynn was asked whether Trump's proposed Muslim ban would actually make America safer, or if it was just an unworkable proposal designed to sound good on the campaign trail.

Flynn grudgingly admitted that it was the latter.

"To put a blanket [ban] on any organization, any segment of the population, is not workable," Flynn acknowledged. "But we do have to recognize what types of things must we be able to do to continue to protect our own country and our way of life."

Flynn tried to spin Trump's Muslim ban as an example of the kind of outside-the-box thinking we need to deal with the threat of Islamist terrorism. Specifically, he said that Trump is showing the need "to think differently and we have to use some imagination, and we have to still protect our American values and what we represent to the rest of the world."

Trump's current position on his proposed Muslim ban is now unclear. He has said that he wants to enact a travel ban for individual countries that have been "compromised" by terrorism, although he's also never explicitly said that a full Muslim ban is off the table.

Listen to the audio below: