'People are not stupid': Morning Joe panelist slams Trump's cynical new 'pivot'
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

After insulting just about everyone in the United States at one point or another for the past 14 months, has Donald Trump turned over a new leaf?

That was what he tried to convey in a speech on Thursday evening when he said he "regretted" saying some things during the campaign that cause some people "personal pain."

Morning Joe guest Donny Deutsch, however, wasn't buying any of it -- in fact, he was incredulous that anyone would buy into such an obviously cynical maneuver.

"People are not stupid, okay?" Deutsch said. "It was not like he said one thing in the heat of the moment. People have seen what's inside of him, particularly the educated voters that he's losing. People are not idiots. And somebody doesn't get to get elected president in a do-over because they brought in a smart consultant."

Joe Scarborough tried to push back against Deutsch and said that for "most swing voters," the election "doesn't begin in earnest until the day after Labor Day." In other words, Trump's pivot may be deeply fraudulent and cynical, but it could work on people who haven't been paying attention to the news for the past 14 months.

Deutsch, again, wasn't buying it.

"All the ridiculously horrific things he's said, they're not going away," he shot back. "It's not going away, having made fun of a disabled journalist, it's not going away how he reacted to the Khans. That's here -- that's baked in."

Check out the full clip below.