Ron Reagan rips 'absurdity' of Trump campaign: Because of him the GOP has 'ceased to exist'
Ron Reagan speaks to MSNBC on Aug. 15, 2016.

Ron Reagan rejected Mike Pence's attempt to compare Donald Trump to his father on Monday, while also predicting that the real estate magnate would do long-lasting damage to the Republican Party after this year's election.

"The problem is not Donald Trump -- he's just the symptom. The problem for the Republican Party is the Trump voter," Reagan said in an MSNBC interview on Monday. "The Trump voter -- which is nearly half the party -- they're not gonna go for Paul Ryan or somebody like that next time; they're gonna want another Donald Trump. So the Republican Party has virtually ceased to exist."

Reagan dismissed Trump's anti-terrorism speech on Monday as "the usual empty jargon," and called his campaign an "absurdity."

He also rebuked Pence comparing Trump's approach to foreign policy to the "broad-shouldered approach" used by his father during his 1979 presidential campaign.

"One thing he left out, I suppose, is that my father wasn't pathological," Reagan scoffed. "My father would've been humiliated and embarrassed by what has happened to his party, and would be humiliated and embarrassed that they have nominated somebody like Donald Trump."

Watch the interview, as aired on Monday, below.