Tennessee GOPer accused of sexual misdeeds with 22 women funneled campaign funds to donor's company
Jeremy Durham (YouTube/screen grab)

Tennessee state officials confirmed this week that state Rep. Jeremy Durham (R), who has been accused of sexual misdeeds with 22 women, invested campaign funds in a company owned by a top Republican donor.

"Yes, the state did contact me for clarification on an investment Jeremy's campaign made. I have provided them that information and they seemed satisfied with our response," GOP activist Andrew Miller told The Tennessean in an email this week. Miller said that Durham invested in Life Watch Pharmacy and DiaTech Oncology.

State Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance Executive Director Drew Rawlins confirmed that Miller had provided details of the investments and payouts to Durham as a result of the investments.

Although the personal use of campaign funds is against the law in Tennessee, Rawlins said that the bureau had not determined if the investments were illegal.

Durham's defense attorney, Peter Strianse, revealed on Monday that U.S. Attorney David Rivera was also investigating the GOP lawmaker.

Earlier this year, a report from the state attorney accused Durham of sexual misdeeds with 22 women, including sexual harassment allegations and sexual intercourse with a 20-year-old college student in his legislative office. Investigators began to looking into Durham's finances when one of the women told officials that he had used campaign funds for personal business.

The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance later found a $191,000 discrepancy between campaign finance records and Durham's personal bank accounts, The Tennessean reported.