Trump fans swindled out of over $1 million by scammer promising dinner with The Donald
Supporters of Donald Trump at rally (Photo: Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock)

Just how easy is it for grifters to make money off of Donald Trump's presidential campaign?

So easy that a 25-year-old man with no ties to the Trump campaign has made more than $1 million by giving them a false promise that they'll have a chance to win a dinner with their favorite candidate.

Politico reports that a 25-year-old Maryland man named Ian Hawes, who runs a website called, has suckered over 20,000 Trump supporters into giving his purportedly pro-Trump PAC more than $1 million in donations under the false promise that donating would net them a chance to have dinner with the Donald.

Hawes got the word for his scam PAC out by spending $108,000 on Facebook ads and it so far has spent none of the money that it's collected helping Trump get elected.

"I feel ripped off and taken advantage of," Mary Pat Kulina, who donated $265 to the PAC, told Politico. "This is horrible. That was not my intent... I want my money back and I want them to add up what they stole from people and give it to Donald Trump."

Given what we know about Trump's campaign, of course, it's no bet that donating to it would be a safer investment.

Nonetheless, it seems that Hawes's PAC is baldly deceptive. Politico notes that even though it's promoting dinner with Trump, the fine print in the deal actually promises two tickets "at a Sponsor-selected fundraising evening event held with Donald Trump and other attendees."