Is it healthy to have a president who makes drastic changes to staff during bouts of narcissistic rage after someone has questioned his manhood?

It probably isn't, but that seems to be how Donald Trump is running his campaign.

Washington Post reporter Robert Costa appeared on Morning Joe on Wednesday and said that Trump decided to bring Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon into his campaign after freaking out over a New York Times report published on Saturday that discussed his campaign's efforts to "tame" him and make him a proper general election candidate.

"Trump's been growing agitated for weeks about the efforts by Manafort and people close to Manafort to constrain Trump and get him to be more disciplined," Costa explained. "Trump was furious about all these reports of him being managed and trying to be tamed."

On Sunday, Trump then called up Bannon and told him that he needed him to run his campaign to give it a "jolt," Costa explained.

"I want you to run this, letting me be me," Trump told Bannon, according to Costa.

It's worth recalling that Trump went into a full-blown tantrum against the Times this past weekend and called the paper's reporters "the most dishonest people" he'd ever encountered.

Watch the full clip below.