Trump-loving radio host: Soldier Humayun Khan was 'not a hero' -- despite dying for his country
Top Trump booster Bill Mitchell (YouTube screen cap).

While many Trump supporters have so far been content to bash the family of the late Humayun Khan, top Trump booster Bill Mitchell has taken things to a new low by attacking the former U.S. Army soldier who died in Iraq in 2004.

Mitchell, who has been a long-time Trump backer, has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter and has done an Ask Me Anything session at Reddit's major pro-Trump subreddit, /r/The_Donald. He also is the host of the YourVoice Radio program that he's used to tirelessly promote Trump this election season.

In reacting to the major controversy that ensued after Donald Trump suggested that Ghazala Khan didn’t speak about her late son at last week’s Democratic National Convention because her husband Khizr wouldn’t “allow” her to do so, Mitchell came out with a brand-new defense of his favorite candidate.

What was this defense, you ask? Well, Mitchell literally argued that Humayun Khan wasn't a hero:

What this attack leaves out is that Humayun Khan directly put himself in harm's way to protect the men in his unit. Specifically, he told his men to take cover while he went to check out what he rightly suspected to be a car bomb -- he then took 10 steps toward the car before it exploded, taking his life.

In fact, Mitchell's attack on Khan's heroism was so amazingly dense that even one of his fellow Trump fans called him out for it: