Trump to hold campaign events in Milwaukee days after unrest
Donald Trump says he wants to hit Democrats at press conference (screen capture)

Republican Donald Trump, who has stressed law and order in his presidential campaign, will hold an event with veterans and law enforcement in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, visiting days after the city was hit by unrest over a police-involved shooting.

He will also appear in a town hall sponsored by Fox News, and then hold a rally in the Milwaukee suburb of West Bend on Tuesday night. The rally and townhall had been planned before unrest broke out in the city on Saturday night.

Trump's schedule was in flux in the days leading up to his trip to Milwaukee - unusual for a campaign that frequently plans events days in advance.

The city was hit by violence after the death of Sylville Smith, 23, on Saturday afternoon. Authorities said Smith was stopped for acting suspiciously and then fled, and was shot by police because he was carrying an illegal handgun and refused orders to drop it.

Demonstrations on Saturday night turned violent, when cars and businesses were set ablaze and gunfire ripped through the area of protests. The city was calmer on Monday night after a curfew was put in place for teenagers, and community leaders called for peace.

Trump’s presence in Milwaukee, where he will tape a special for Fox News at 7 p.m. E.T. at the downtown Pabst Theater, could prompt more demonstrations. Opponents of the New York real estate mogul frequently demonstrate inside and outside his campaign events. A rally in Chicago earlier this year was canceled after demonstrations grew violent.

Trump frequently talks about the need to restore safety and order in the wake of unrest in American cities.

(Reporting by Ginger Gibson; Editing by Frances Kerry)