Bruce Springsteen hammers Trump: 'The republic is under siege by a moron'
Rocker Bruce Sprinsteen says Donald Trump poses a threat the US democracy (Andre Luiz Moreira /

Rocker Bruce Springteen -- who turned 67 years old on Friday -- had some choice words for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, calling the former reality TV star a "moron" who poses a serious threat to the country.

"The republic is under siege by a moron," Springsteen told Rolling Stone magazine in a teaser published Friday for an upcoming feature article.

"The whole thing is tragic," he said of Trump's candidacy. "Without overstating it, it's a tragedy for our democracy. When you start talking about elections being rigged, you're pushing people beyond democratic governance. And it's a very, very dangerous thing to do. Once you let those genies out of the bottle, they don't go back in so easy, if they go back in at all."

Springsteen -- who spent the summer touring with his legendary E Street Band and preparing to release his autobiography Born to Run -- went on to say that he has largely steered clear of making comments about politics during this election cycle, he supports Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"I like Hillary," he said. "I think she would be a very, very good president."