Congressman destroys Trump for saying rape is 'inevitable' with women in the military
Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) talks about Donald Trump's views on women and the military (Screen cap).

During last night's Commander-in-Chief Forum, Donald Trump doubled down on an old tweet where he claimed that widespread sexual assaults in the military were an inevitable consequence of putting men and women together in the armed forces.

Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) appeared on CNN Thursday morning and tore into Trump for not taking the opportunity to repudiate his old views on women in the military.

"The idea that sexual assault and rape are a natural, inevitable consequence of putting men and women together in a working context is simply absurd," said Takano, who is the ranking member of the United States House Committee on Veterans' Affairs. "Donald Trump should have rejected and repudiated what he said instead of doubling down on it."

Takano also trashed Trump's purportedly novel proposal to create a court system in the military, as he noted that we've had a military justice system in place for years to handle sexual assault claims.

Check out the full clip below.