DL Hughley bursts with righteous fury at Kaepernick haters who shrug over Terence Crutcher's killing
DL Hughley in Twitter video (Photo: @RealDLHughley)

Actor and activist D.L. Hughley is furious about the recent shooting of Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But he's also using it as an opportunity to slam former NFL players Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis and others who attacked Colin Kaepernick for his silent protest.

"I wish Americans were as upset at #TerenceCrutcher getting shot DOWN as they are at #ColinKaepernick not standing UP!#ItsTooMuch #TeamDl" he tweeted with a video.

"All the people from Jerry Rice to Jason Whitlock, to Ray Lewis….. who were so upset about Colin Kaepernick… not standing up.. I wish all of them were just as upset about Terence Crutcher getting shot down…"

When the news broke of the shooting, Hughley immediately took to social media to question America's priorities. "Another unarmed black man gunned down by police on video, but Zika is an Epidemic? I'll worry about a Mosquito when it can carry a badge!" he tweeted early Monday.

Check out the full video below: