Fox’s host embarrassed by Trump: 'Women and weight together? Don’t go there'
Fox Business host Stuart Varney (Photo: Screen capture)

Even Fox Business News host Stuart Varney is embarrassed by Republican candidate Donald Trump's inability to maintain a sense of calm and stable temperament when it comes to Alicia Machado.

Overnight, Trump went off on a Twitter storm further attacking Machado. In a country where the average size for women is a 12, Varney admitted that most people in the U.S. struggle with their weight. “When a presidential candidate keeps mentioning a woman’s weight problem, you know it’s both wrong and politically disastrous,” he explained.

Varney noted the issue is a particular concern for overweight teens who are concerned with their weight, when they should be focusing on school and having fun with friends.

While Trump is tweeting at 3 a.m., Varney says Clinton is getting away with other issues that Trump should be focusing on.

“Trump does not make use of this ammunition," he explained. "No. He keeps the weight story going for days on end! So here’s what I gotta say, you won’t win the women’s vote like this. You won’t win the election like this. Women and weight together? Don’t go there. Because it’s a real turn-off and, frankly, sir, it’s just plain wrong.”

Check out the video below: