'Hamilton meets the Book of Mormon': Joe Scarborough thinks we'll love his new Donald Trump musical
Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump (Screenshots)

Former Republican congressman and MSNBC morning host Joe Scarborough is writing a musical theater production about Republican presidential nominee and former reality TV star Donald Trump.

The Morning Joe host spoke to GQ magazine about his dream of staging the 2016 election as a musical extravaganza, enthusing that it will be like "Hamilton meets The Book of Mormon."

"It's Trump: The Musical," Scarborough told GQ's Jason Zengerle, who wrote that at first he thought Scarborough was joking.

The reporter described a sit-down with Scarborough and his co-host Mike Brzezinski during which Scarborough pulled out his iPhone to play a sample of the score.

"It's actually Hamilton meets The Book of Mormon," Scarborough said. "I hope you have no problem putting in my earbuds."

Zengerle transcribed the lyrics:

I'm just a simple man

Blessed with this orange tan

I'm simply titanic

Beloved by Hispanics and Jews

I'm huge

Losers don't understand

The genius of my border plan

They call me a fool

Then they dare ridicule my huge hands

The recording was a demo, but soon, Zengerle said, the project will head into the recording studio, where "David Cook, Taylor Swift's band director, would man the soundboard, and Rory O'Malley, who currently brings down the house as King George III in Hamilton, would handle the vocal work. After that, Scarborough and his agent, Ari Emanuel, would have what they needed to start lining up financial backers to stage a production."

When the reporter asked if Scarborough is concerned that interest in the Trump phenomenon will wane after November, the host replied, ""Oh yeah. There's enough general-interest knowledge about this guy that I can write basically whatever I want to write."

Furthermore, "People are like, 'Well, what if he wins?' " Scarborough mused. "I go, 'That's even better!' "

Scarborough has delved into music before, producing a country-ish song called "Reason to Believe" in 2012 and again this year with a song satirizing Donald Trump called "Amnesty Don."

The Morning Joe crew were accused of being too cozy with Trump and his campaign, initially. Scarborough and Trump were old friends and the host treated him as such on the air, lobbing softball questions and playing along with the charade that somehow the former reality TV star and real estate magnate was mounting a credible bid for the presidency.

Then as Trump began winning the GOP primary and his statements became more offensive and outrageous, Trump's friendly relationship with Morning Joe panels went sour. For months now, the thin-skinned Trump has lobbed insults and degrading comments at the show in general and Brzezinski in particular, who he called "neurotic and not very bright" and "crazy and very dumb."

Now, Scarborough appears to be attempting to strike back at Trump while carving out a second -- or rather, third -- career act for himself. He is considering, he confided, running for office again.

"I'll just be really blunt. He actually does present an opening," Scarborough told GQ. "When I ran [for Congress] in '94, I ran as a conservative-slash-populist, and Republicans have been getting drubbed on the national level because they all talk like American Enterprise Institute policy wonks. Conservative-populists like myself have never been accepted in polite political society, but Donald Trump makes me look absolutely mainstream."