'It's BS': Chris Cuomo nails Donald Trump Jr. for 'dehumanizing refugees' with Skittles analogy
Chris Cuomo speaks to Sean Duffy (CNN/screen grab)

CNN host Chris Cuomo accused Donald Trump Jr. of "dehumanizing" Syrian refugees after the Republican nominee's son compared them to a bowl of poisoned Skittles candy.

A meme posted to Twitter by Trump Jr. this week asked the question: "If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful?"

"That's our Syrian refugee problem," the tweet stated.

During an interview with Donald Trump surrogate Sean Duffy on Monday, CNN's Cuomo pointed out that vetting for Syrian refugees "was better than the vetting we do for any other part of the system."

"This Skittles comment Donald Jr. made," the CNN host continued. "He said, 'If I gave you a handful of Skittles and I told you that three of them were going to kill you, would you eat that handful of Skittles?' That's a powerful metaphor."

"The problem is it's also BS," Cuomo declared. "The numbers aren't anything like that. The risk is like one in over 3 billion... You're dehumanizing these refugees. That's not what America is about."

For his part, Duffy argued that "it makes sense to take a pause" by banning people from Muslim areas of the world.

"If I can't guarantee that you're going to want to live the American dream, you're not going to hurt my citizens, why do I let you in?" Duffy opined.

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Sept. 20, 2016.