REVEALED: Joe Scarborough recently met with Trump to ‘rekindle’ their bromance
Morning Joe discusses the Trump campaign's implosion (Screen cap).

During the Republican primaries, MSNBC's program Morning Joe was one of the most Trump-friendly on cable news.

Shortly after Trump wrapped up the nomination, however, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski started bashing Trump on a regular basis, which greatly angered the Republican presidential nominee.

Now CNN is reporting that Scarborough and Brzezinski met in Trump Tower in New York "to rekindle a once-rosy relationship that has turned bitter and adversarial."

This reported meeting comes despite the fact that Trump has repeatedly attacked Brzezinski for being "neurotic," as well as "crazy and very dumb." Trump also threatened to spill the beans about Brzezinski's purported relationship with Scarborough, while referring to the Morning Joe co-hosts as "two clowns."

CNN says that the three discussed the possibility of Trump coming back on their show for an interview, although nothing was finalized by the end of the meeting.