'The ni**ers are coming!': Watch as black actor gets racially harassed while filming a commercial
Jesse Lipscombe speaks to the Edmonton Journal about racism (Screen capture)

A black actor got heckled with racial slurs from a passing car as he was being filmed for a commercial on Wednesday.

"The ni**ers are coming, the ni**ers are coming!" yelled an unnamed motorist, according to the Edmonton Journal. The incident that was caught on video.

Actor and former high-jump champion Jesse Lipscombe was in the process of filming a commercial about his love for the city of Edmonton, Alberta when a man in a car pulled up and began to shout the epithet-laden phrase.

Lipscombe opened the man's car door and confronted him. The balding, middle-aged white man in the car pretended he hadn't said anything, then yelled the N-word again as he sped away.

The actor said he wanted to give the man "the opportunity to feel uncomfortable as well."

Since Lipscombe posted about the incident on Facebook, he has received thousands of messages of support.

“It wasn’t shocking. It’s a thing that happens to people of colour, to women, to Muslims on a daily basis,” he said.

“It’s an unfortunate reality that minorities in all ways have had to desensitize themselves to this on a daily basis just to get by," he told the Journal.

In a statement directed at the man in the car, Lipscombe said, "Thanks for your ignorance, and hopefully when you watch yourself with your two minutes of fame, you can see what you look like in the actual light as opposed to what you think you are when you probably hang out with your friends.”

Watch video of the incident, embedded below via Facebook: