'The stage is falling apart': NBC's Katy Tur narrates as Trump event's stage collapses on live TV
NBC reporter Katy Tur reports from the Trump International Hotel in DC as stage collapses (Screen capture)

MSNBC reporter Katy Tur was reporting from Friday morning's event at the Trump International Hotel when the stage collapsed behind her.

"And the stage is falling apart behind us," Tur said as figures scrambled in the background and men shouted, "Whoa!"

"If you can see this," she said, turning to watch the black stage draperies billow and fall. She then resumed her commentary.

No one was reportedly injured in the collapse, which took place after Republican presidential nominee gave a very brief statement to the press affirming that Pres. Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen.

Many in the media were disgusted with the fact that Trump promoted Friday's appearance for hours only to give a truncated statement and plug his new hotel.