'They use and abuse people': Trump policy advisers quit en masse after Deadbeat Don stiffs payments
Donald Trump talks policy while holding a fancy chart (Screen cap).

It seems there are two secrets to Donald Trump's success: Inherit a lot of money and don't pay people who do work for you.

Over the years, Trump has become infamous for stiffing contractors out of money, and this week he was even sued by the USA Freedom Kids singers troupe after his campaign didn't compensate them for their performances.

The Washington Post has a new report that shines a light on the collapse of a Trump campaign policy shop in Washington, D.C. that died off because -- you guessed it -- Trump's campaign didn't pay the advisers who worked there.

Three separate sources within the policy office tell the Post that most members of the group quit in August when it became clear that promised paychecks for their work wouldn't be forthcoming. It seems that the policy team was promised compensation all the way back in April, but come summer they were told that they would have to accept working as volunteers.

"It’s a complete disaster," one angry ex-Trump adviser told the Post. "They use and abuse people. The policy office fell apart in August when the promised checks weren’t delivered."

"It was understood that we would be paid," fumed another adviser. "The campaign never discussed how much the pay would be. It was never in writing. There were some people who were treating it as a full-time job. I suspect that those people were quite astonished when the pay didn’t come through."

What makes this particularly amusing is that the policy group apparently worked overtime in the early part of August to help Trump prepare for policy questions in the upcoming presidential debates, only to then be told by the campaign that Trump "would not be receptive to that level of intense preparation."

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