Top Trump adviser: Bill Clinton's embrace of gays in the military paved the way for 9/11
Former President Bill Clinton on 'The Daily Show' (Screenshot)

Donald Trump may not only hire the best people, but he does seem to have a lock on hiring people who make up wild conspiracy theories on the Clintons.

The Daily Beast on Thursday took a look back at a book written by Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie, in which he said that Bill Clinton was to blame for the 9/11 terror attacks.

The reason that Clinton was to blame, Bossie insisted, was because he hated our military and intelligence services, and tried to undermine their strength and operational capabilities at every step.

In particular, Bossie says that one of Clinton's top methods for undermining our national security infrastructure was support for letting gay people serve in the military and at the CIA.

For instance, Bossie asserted that Clinton severely depressed military morale with his policy of letting gay people serve as long as they didn't reveal themselves publicly as homosexuals.

"That Clinton continued to loathe the military was revealed as soon as he took office and attempted to overhaul military policies, such as allowing homosexuals to serve with the new ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy," he wrote.

Bossie also slammed Clinton for purportedly recruiting gay people to work in our intelligence agencies.

"Historically, there had been serious security-clearance issues and concerns about homosexuals in the intelligence community, concerns based on legitimate rationales,” Bossie wrote in his book. “Unfortunately, in the Clinton administration, we didn’t see any serious study of the issue. Rather, Clinton’s ideology, and his need to pay back the homosexual community, forced the CIA to change, regardless of the effect on national security. Where will this end? It is hard to say."

Bossie's tirade against gay people working in the intelligence community is particularly rich since J. Edgar Hoover -- who was the first-ever director of the FBI and a longtime right-wing hero -- is widely believed to have been gay.