Trump Jr. pushes Alex Jones’ insane 'Clinton earpiece' conspiracy – and the internet rips him apart
Donald Trump Jr. (Screenshot/CNN)

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted an Alex Jones/InfoWars conspiracy theory regarding Wednesday night's Commander-in-Chief Forum on NBC and is getting roundly mocked for it.

Matt Drudge, Jones and other rightwing internet hysterics are proclaiming that a screen capture from the forum shows "some kind of flesh-colored device embedded inside her ear."

Actor-turned-conservative-crank James Woods posted the screen capture at 4:51 a.m. on Thursday, writing, "Earpiece? #CrookedHillary" and "She can't even lie without help."

The "earpiece" story echoes another right-wing freakout from 2012, when conspiracy-mongers thought they'd caught Pres. Barack Obama wearing an earpiece during a debate with Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA). debunked that particular story, but Jones and Drudge ran with this election season's iteration, which was then picked up by Trump Jr., who tweeted out a link to the InfoWars post...and probably instantly regretted it.

As of press time the deluge of mockery was still pouring in.