Van Jones shames Trump's conspiracy-peddling: Presidents can't live in 'a fantasy land'
Van Jones appears on CNN (screen grab)

CNN's Van Jones said that the "racial aspect" of Donald Trump's birther allegations isn't the only thing wrong with it -- it also shows he's unfit for the presidency.

"You can't live in a fantasy land when you live in the White House," said Jones, who alluded to his time working for President Barack Obama's administration. "Your judgement, your sobriety, your ability to stick with facts -- you can't spin what's coming to you within those intelligence briefings. You've gotta deal with reality, and we have a candidate for president who has shown not only that he is incredibly racially-insensitive -- at best -- but also wants to live in a fantasy land and that is not a good person for the White House."

Earlier in the day, Trump stated that he believed Obama was born in the US after years of arguing otherwise. But at the same time, he falsely took credit for "finishing" the issue, which he also falsely blamed on Democrat Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign. Jones took the chance to make fun of Trump's boast that he is a "great negotiator."

"I guess the American people now, and the media are the best negotiators," he said. "We forced Donald Trump to say something that every child in America knows: our president is a legitimate president. He's not an illegitimate president. He's a legitimate president. He was born here. He should have never been forced to suffer this humiliation all this time in the first place."

Trump supporter Scottie Nell Hughes tried to justify the allegations, saying that in 2010 there were "very high numbers" of Democrats who questioned whether Obama was born in the US. But she immediately contradicted herself by pointing out that polling that year showed just 15 percent of that party's members had that belief, compared to 43 percent of Republicans and 32 percent of independents.

"There was doubt across the board," she told a visibly skeptical Jones.

Watch the discussion, as aired on Friday, below.