WATCH: Missouri Democrat trolls the NRA and gun nuts in 2016’s best campaign ad
Missouri candidate for U.S. Senate Jason Kander (screen capture)

A Missouri Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate hit back at his Republican opponent by showing that he in anything but "soft on guns."

Jason Kander is currently the Missouri secretary of state and is running to replace Sen. Roy Blunt (R) in November's election. Kander served in Afghanistan with the Missouri National Guard and brings his military training into play as part of the ad.

The ad shows Kander blindfolded and assembling an AR-15 assault weapon from memory.

"I'm Jason Kander," the candidate said, "and Sen. Blunt has been attacking me on guns. Well, in the Army, I learned how to use and respect my rifle."

"In Afghanistan, I’d volunteer to be an extra gun in a convoy of unarmored SUVs. And in the state legislature, I supported Second Amendment rights.”

“I also believe in background checks, so the terrorists can’t get their hands on one of these," Kander continued. “I approve this message, because I’d like to see Senator Blunt do this.”

PoliticsUSA noted that on the word "this," Kander's rifle clicked together, becoming ready to fire.

Watch the video, embedded below: