Watch MSNBC host throw shade at coughing GOP official: 'Is that pneumonia?'
Sean Spicer speaks to MSNBC host Thomas Roberts (screen grab)

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts Monday mocked the hype over Hillary Clinton's health by suggesting that Republican National Committee (RNC) Communications Director Sean Spicer had pneumonia because he coughed during a live interview.

Conservative media have amped up an obsession with Clinton's health in recent days after she had a coughing fit at a rally in Bridgeport, and her campaign later revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

On Monday, Roberts was grilling Spicer about Donald Trump's charity work when the RNC official let out a cough to clear his throat.

Roberts paused the interview: "Is that pneumonia?"

"Ah, no," Spicer insisted. "Just a cough."

Moving on with the interview, Roberts pointed out that questions about Trump's charitable foundation could be resolved if the candidate would release his taxes.

"So before election day, yes or no, do you think we'll get them?" Roberts wondered.

"I don't know," Spicer replied. "That's up to him to decide."

"Do you care?" Roberts asked.

"I don't think that's really top of mind for the American people right now," Spicer opined.

"Alright, Sean, good to have you with me," Roberts said, concluding the interview. "I'm glad that the cough is just that: a cough."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Sept. 12, 2016.