WATCH: Racist campers call black man a 'n*gger' 30 times after he asks them to leave his street
Two camps in Portland Oregon yelled racial slurs at resident Pat Edwards (Screen cap via KATU).

An Oregon resident estimates that he was called a "n*gger" upward of 30 times by a homeless camper who got upset when he asked her to not set up camp on the side of his street.

Local news station KATU reports that Portland resident Pat Edwards has gotten upset by campers in RVs setting up makeshift camps on the side of his street, where they tend to leave behind piles of trash after they leave.

This past Friday, he walked out to talk with two campers who had been parked on his street for at least eight hours and informed them that he would call the police if they didn't vacate the premises.

The female camper in the car responded by shouting racial slurs at him.

"She chose to use [the n-word] about 30 times," Edwards told KATU. "I've had more combative situations than I've had peaceful ones."

Homeless campers in the area typically switch around to different streets throughout the week, although Edwards says he has to deal with different campers twice a week.

Check out KATU's video report on the incident below.