WATCH: Trump backer tries to defend the N-word – and CNN’s Angela Rye rips him to shreds
Angela Rye appears on CNN (screen grab)

In a discussion of Trump supporter Don King's accidental use of the "N-word" during his speech in an Ohio church, CNN commentator Angela Rye decided that today was not the day for a white panelist to lecture her about when it's okay to use that word.

"Please tell me that you understand," she said to Trump surrogate Joseph Borelli, "that using 'negro' in 2016 is also unacceptable."

Borelli said that rappers use the "N-word" word all the time, so it must be okay for Don King to do it.

"Have you not listened to music where other African-Americans use language far worse than this?" he said.

"Please don't do that to me," Rye said. "Please don't do that to me, today."

"I am going to do it, though," Borelli said. "You can't say that Don King is saying a word that is now suddenly unacceptable. It's not one that I would use, but it's perhaps a word that Don King would use."

"What I'm saying to you," Rye said, "is this trivializes your candidate's black outreach."

Watch the video, embedded below: