When asked by Fox News host Bill O'Reilly if he would get personal with Hillary Clinton during their Sept. 26 debate, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump lashed out at the New York Times.

"If she comes after you, for example, on the 'womens' card,' would you go into her marital history and things like that? Is that gonna happen?" O'Reilly asked.

"Well you know, the New York Times wrote a story about women and the women called the office and said, 'We never said that about Donald Trump. We really like him. He's really good,'" he said. "They quoted women and they never even said it. It was on the front page, centerfold, massive big color picture. It was disgraceful. They are so dishonest. I'll tell you what. There is nobody that respects women more than Donald Trump."

The remark was a reference to the newspaper's May 14 story detailing several of Trump's questionable actions toward women, which was compiled through interviews with more than 50 subjects.

But contrary to Trump's argument, only one of the women featured in the story, Rowanne Brewer Lane, has questioned the newspaper's reporting. Lane told Fox and Friends that she felt the Times "spun it to where it appeared negative."

"We're gonna take that up with them at a little bit later date," Trump said about the Times on Monday. "We'll go through this little process first, which I think is gonna end very successfully in November."

Earlier in the interview, the former reality show host said he "had no idea" how he would behave toward the Democratic presidential nominee during the upcoming debate.

"You're going to have to feel it out when you're out there," said Trump, who has insisted on calling Clinton "Crooked Hillary" throughout his campaign. "She's got to treat me with respect. I'm going to treat her with respect. I'd like to start off by saying that because that would be my intention."

Trump's remarks about the Times begin around the 10-minute mark. The interview can be seen in its entirety below.