WATCH: Trump fan caught on video punching and slapping protesters --  and getting away with it
A Donald Trump fan is seen attacking protesters during a rally in Asheville, North Carolina on Sept. 12, 2016. (ABC News)

A Donald Trump supporter was filmed attacking protesters during a campaign rally on Monday, ABC News reported.

The footage shows the unidentified man grabbing one demonstrator by the neck and shaking him before security steps in. Even then, the man stands near the protester with his fist cocked. He then grabs another male protester by the back of the head and slaps a female demonstrator who walks by him holding up her phone.

CNN reported that unlike the protesters, the man was not ejected from the event, as seen below:

CNN later confirmed that the man was allowed to remain for the entirety of the event and was not arrested.

Footage of the incident, as posted by ABC, can be seen below.