WATCH: Trump fans get schooled after claiming white people work harder than blacks

Two Donald Trump supporters got more than they bargained for after they suggested black Americans don't work as hard as whites.

Media Matters' Carlos Maza on Friday posted a video of two Trump supporters holding a Trump-Pence banner outside Trump's new hotel in Washington DC. According to Maza, one of the young men suggested that "white people work harder" and then got an earful from a black man standing nearby.

The black man in the video pointed out that all of the buildings that surrounded them in Washington DC were built by the work of his ancestors.

"You see these buildings down here? Black people built the buildings," he said, while noting that this country was built on the backs of black people's free labor.

"As soon as a white person steps into America, they have an advantage just by being white," he continued.

A white man standing next to the black man then asked Trump supporters if they actually know what it's like to feel racial discrimination.

"When you were a teenager... did you ever worry about being thrown out of rallies because of the color of your skin?" he asked them, in an apparent reference to the teenage Trump supporter who claims he was booted out of a Trump rally for having dark skin.

The Trump fans acknowledged that they didn't.

Check out the full video below.