10-year-old special needs child in coma after being doused with gas and set on fire by bullies
Kerrville boy in coma after being intentionally set on fire (KENS/screen grab)

Officials in Kerrville, Texas say one child has been taken into custody in connection to a 10-year-old special needs boy who was set on fire.

Tanya Casper told KENS that her nephew, Kayden, was lured to a field over the weekend where two boys doused him with gasoline and set him on fire.

“He wore a hearing aid, talked with a lisp… I mean, he was challenged from the get-go.” Casper said. “And for him to face this new challenge, it’s going to be overwhelming."

According to Casper, “The kids are letting everyone know this was planned.”

The Kerrville Fire Marshall’s Office said that one child was taken into custody, but Fire Chief Dannie Smith would not release additional details. That child is facing first-degree arson charges.

Smith was expected to say more at a press conference on Thursday.

The family is collecting donations for Kayden's medical costs with a GoFundMe page and a YouCaring page.

Watch the video below from KENS.