A Russian dissident explains how Trump's campaign is straight out of 'many dictators' playbooks'

Donald Trump's admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin has been disturbing for many Americans, and one Russian dissident believes that we are right to be worried about it.

Garry Kasparov, a political activist and former World Chess Champion, talked with CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday about the similarities he sees between the ways that Trump talks about himself and the way dictators across the world have talked about themselves just before they took power.

"Trump demonstrates, time and again, disrespect for democratic procedures," Kasparov said. "It comes from many dictators' playbooks -- they address real pains. The issues that Donald Trump raised throughout the campaign, they are real... Then you hear -- and that's typical for every dictator to be a dictator -- 'I'm the one who can fix it. Don't ask me how.'"

He then pointed out that many of Trump's promises typically go against democratic norms, such as the mass expulsion of undocumented immigrants and the proposed ban on all Muslims entering into the country.

If there's anything good about what's happening in this country, says Kasparov, it's that Trump has been forced to get into debates with his opponent, which is something that Putin has never had to do during his tenure as Russia's leader.

Check out the full clip below.