Alex Jones goes nuts after ‘Hillary buttplug’ Julian Assange fails to deliver an October Surprise
Alex Jones (YouTube)

Julian Assange had the last laugh on Tuesday when he trolled Trump supporters over alleged new damning Clinton information, and Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was less than thrilled.

After suggesting for days that WikiLeaks would release new information during a news conference that would damage Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's prospects in November, Assange didn't reveal anything new during the early-morning press conference.

Jones responded to the uneventful news, suggesting, "Julian Assange trolling the world is Hillary's October Surprise. Julian Assange is a Hillary buttplug."

Jones shared a video on YouTube where he reacted to the "shameful" Assange release. He said, "You said it would get her indicted!"

The Infowars host continued on his rant and added that he never actually trusted WikiLeaks anyway because it's "so Leftist," and suggested that Assange didn't blow the lid on any new Clinton information because she may have offered him a deal.

He added, "I'm not in competition with Assange ... I'm embarrassed, I feel chummed, I feel trolled." In fact, Jones may have just been "WikiRolled."