Anderson Cooper hilariously burns Scottie Nell Hughes after she says Trump is winning on social media
Scottie Nell Hughes -- (CNN screen grab)

Scottie Nell Hughes was at it again in defense of Republican nominee Donald Trump on CNN, Monday night, when  she suggested that the media's polling numbers are a farce and said support for Tump could better be judged using social media.

According to Hughes, the media and polling numbers reported by media are inaccurate, and if you want to see the true value of the Trump campaign, you have to look at the turnout at his rallies.

She said, "The only place we’re hearing… that Donald Trump is losing is in the media or these polls…. You’re not seeing it with the crowd rallies, you’re not seeing the enthusiasm, you’re not seeing it on social media, where Donald Trump is 2-3 times more than Hillary Clinton on every social media platform."

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper shot back with the best comeback. He said in the most matter-of-fact way, "I also hear on Twitter that 9/11 is an inside job."

As the panelists laughed and Cooper took the segment to a pause, he said, "Time now for a quick break. Please don't tweet me about this."

Watch the clip below.