'Are you smarter than Gary Johnson?' Kimmel mocks Libertarian candidate with hilarious new game show
'Are You Smarter than Gary Johnson' promo still (Screen capture)

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel playfully jabbed Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson by debuting a game show segment during his nightly monologue called "Are You Smarter than Gary Johnson?"

Johnson has had a brutal few weeks on the campaign trail between not knowing that Aleppo is a city in war-torn Syria, talking to a reporter with his tongue literally hanging out of his mouth and revealing in a New York Times interview that he can't name a single foreign leader who he admires.

"I think it's pretty clear," Kimmel said, "that Gary Johnson doesn't know anything at all. So stop asking him questions about foreign leaders. It's starting to feel abusive. Listen, we all know he's not going to be president. He knows he's not going to be president. Vanilla Ice is more likely to be president than Gary Johnson."

"Is this an election or a game show?" he asked, before running the segment, "Are You Smarter than Gary Johnson?"

“He’s not a fifth grader,” said a voice-over, “but he might as well be! 'Are You Smarter than Gary Johnson,' Tuesdays at 8, followed by 'Win Jill Stein's Money.'"

Watch the video, embedded below: