Biographer: Trump will get even more dangerous and unhinged as election loss looms on the horizon
Journalist and Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio warns that Trump will likely become more unhinged as the election draws closer. (Screen capture)

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Michael D'Antonio said on Sunday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is only going to become more dangerous and unhinged as the prospect of a humiliating election loss becomes more likely.

In a Politico article titled "I think he's a very dangerous man for the next three or four weeks," D'Antonio was one of a group of Trump biographers interviewed by the magazine. The authors -- some of whom have made decades-long studies of the reality TV star's behaviors, moods and motivations -- agree that Trump is liable to lash out because his back is against the wall and he is on the verge of a landslide defeat.

D'Antonio -- author of The Truth About Trump -- said Trump "comes from a long line of flame-throwers, so this is a person who will reach for any clot of mud available to him and fling it if he feels threatened or like a loss is on the horizon."

"The idea of losing is so horrifying for Donald Trump, especially losing with a woman opponent," D'Antonio explained to host Alex Witt, "and a lot of women coming forward, people who he didn't respect finally saying their truth. This has got to have him freaking out, so I would look for the worst kind of behavior to come out of him over the next three weeks."

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