BOMBSHELL: Trump campaign super PAC facing new foreign donor scandal involving Chinese millions
Republican presidential nominee makes campaign stop in flood-ravaged Louisiana (Screen capture)

Republican nominee Donald Trump has been at the center of various scandals over the last few weeks. The latest, revealed by the Telegraph, involves campaign fundraising.

On Monday, the outlet exposed key Trump proponents who "were prepared to accept illicit donations from foreign backers." In return, undercover reporters expected to receive political power and influence should Trump win the election on November 8.

The Great America PAC, a Donald Trump Super PAC was reportedly seeking $2 million in funds from a Chinese donor to elect Trump this fall.

A consultant from the Great America PAC, Jesse Benton said the funds would "definitely allow us to spend two million more dollars on digital and television advertising for Trump."

When asked about their connection to Benton's donor ploy, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign told the Telegraph, "We publicly disavowed this group back in April.  This is public via Federal Election Commission filings."

You can read the entire exclusive investigation here.