‘Booed by a room full of priests’: Trump bombs at the #AlSmithDinner and the Internet goes nuts
Donald Trump at the Al Smith Dinner (Photo: Screen capture)

Donald Trump got outright booed at the Al Smith dinner Thursday night. Traditionally, the dinner brings both major parties and candidates together for self-deprecating humor and general silliness.

As you watch the video, note the woman to the left and behind Trump (possibly Maria Bartiromo) and the man to the right of Trump (James MacGilvray). The horrified looks on their faces say it all. These in particular:

"A special hello to all of you in this room who have known and loved me for many, many years," Trump began. "It's true. the politicians, they've had me to their homes, they've introduced me to their children, I'd become their best friends in many instances. They asked for my endorsement and always wanted my money. And even called me really a dear, dear friend. but then, suddenly, decided when I ran for president as a Republican that I've always been a no-good, rotten, disgusting scoundrel. And they totally forgot about me. But that's okay."

This opening section was the first indication the only jokes to come were attacks on Clinton.

Following the event, CNN pundit David Gergen said that he has never once heard booing at the event before. Trump brought a new first in the 2016 campaign.

That's when the internet began to light him up. Here are a few reactions below:

And in the end:

Watch the video here: