'Burn in hell': Anger over Trump's rigged election talk leaves Keith Olbermann trembling
Keith Olbermann (GQ/screen grab)

GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann seemed shaken to his core on Thursday after Donald Trump said at the third presidential debate that he might not accept the results of the election.

"It was the first time in American history, through dozens of venomous painful campaigns and a series of impossibly close elections, the first and only time that a candidate of a major party had violated the fundamental precept of our democracy," Olbermann explained. "It shakes every one of our freedoms, it mocks every dead American soldier, it spits in every sacrifice made under our flag."

"This time it slipped passed no one. Not the moderator, not Fox News, not even Breitbart.com," he continued. "It was not a flash of anger from a man who gets angry once an hour. It was not another slab of red meat thrown to his crazed supporters. It was not another outrageous statement to throw up against the wall in this cheap reality show version of a presidential campaign. He meant it! He means it!"

Shouting at the camera, Olbermann declared: "Donald Trump is not invested in Democracy! Donald Trump is not invested in our Constitution! Donald Trump is not invested in America! Donald Trump is not invested in preventing people from being killed on the streets after an election like this were a Third World police state!"

"Burn. In. Hell!" the broadcaster yelled.

Olbermann concluded by calling on the Republican Party to force its nominee to withdraw.

"Compel him to withdraw! Now!" Olbermann demanded. "Litigate against him, find enough doctors and have him declared psychiatrically incompetent. At minimum, cut off his funding completely and denounce him in the strongest possible terms because this nightmare, this fascist, this Trump is now your responsibility."

Watch the video below from GQ, broadcast Oct. 20, 2016.